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Event 24th April 2020

Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) Regional Management Team:
"During the Covid19 lockdown we were looking for innovative ways to keep our management team (virtually) connected. When we first considered a quiz night we were more than a little unsure how it would flow in a virtual setting and whether the fun and banter associated with the usual forms of quiz would be achievable, but Branka and her husband really delivered and the evening was over too quickly. We will highly recommend BeInquizitive for your next corporate or private event."

Mark (CEO)

Event 8th May 2020

Australian International School Singapore


It was fabulous! Thank you Branka and Oli for running a great gig and thank you AIS for paying on the staff’s behalf!

Kirsten M

Thank you so much! The best way to end the week!

Tessa A

We had a ball!!! Thanks so much Branka and Oli!!! Must sign up for the next one. 👍🏻🥰😊

Gillian C

 Lots of fun, Branka. Thanks so much. Go The Inquizables!

Melinda C

Great way to wrap up the week. Thanks Branka and Oli.

Jo A

Event 21st May 2020

St Patrick's Society

St David's Society

St Andrew's Society


Branka ... thank you so much for a fantastic fun evening! So sorry for all the technical/email issues and addition of teams at last minute. Greatly appreciated!


Ok.. I’m sober again... thanks so much. It was a great a night... for us people locked in ti isolation.. this was an explosion back in to socialization.

Jeremy G

Great feedback especially from our regular quiz goers. Very well organised, thank you.


Event 28th May 2020

Nexus Parent Group


Thank you so so much for entertaining our little community last night with your fabulous quiz!!!! The response from participants has been overwhelmingly positive - I think you may even have some new regulars for your weekly quiz nights. ;) Everyone seemed very happy and connected - exactly what we were hoping for to get everyone through this difficult time. We will definitely do another sometime. 

Ashley D

Event 29th May 2020

Clifford Chance LLP

Event 25th June 2020

Nomura Holdings, Inc


Just a final massive thank you to you and Oli for an amazing evening. We’ve had some fantastic feedback and everyone had a really fun time.


We loved the pic of your quiz setup – we thought our traders had a lot of screens J it’s made it into our final internal communication.


Thanks again,


Event 18th Sept 2020

Veeam Software Singapore Pte Ltd

I heard nothing but raving reviews for you.


You did a great job and all of us had so much fun.


Once again thank you,

Michelle C

Event 1st Oct 2020

Northmore Gordon

Thanks Branka - it was great and I know the team enjoyed it. 

Craig M

Next one in November.

Event 2nd Oct 2020

Tanglin Trust School

 I have had lots of positive feedback from the quiz. Everyone enjoyed it and there was a varying point of view on the difficultly of the questions…which you want as some people could answer the questions and some could not! I enjoyed the part that I watched.


I would like to investigate if we can book you again for two more quizzes, one potentially in January/February 2021 and another possibly in May 2021. There does not have to be a theme and if we can hold the event on site, we would.


Event 22nd Oct 2020



Event 23rd Oct 2020

NatWest Markets


Everyone thought it was well organised. 

Thanks Branka awesome as always.

Organising the next one for Dec.


Event 29th Oct 2020



Was a great session. folks are buzzing. 


This was great, let's do it every week.


Event 18th Nov 2020 


Northmore Gordon 

Thanks it was fun as usual 


It was a well deserved break for the team and I was interested in some of the interactions observed between various people in the Trivia environment.

We probably won't have time to have another session prior to the festive season and summer holidays but I am sure that we can reconvene early next year. 


Event 1st Dec 2020 

Standard Chartered Bnak

Feedback from my colleagues:


* All of us enjoyed a lot. Many thanks to the organiser and everyone else involved! Haven’t had such fun and effective team bonding in ages!

* And the “leisure” part of my brain hurts – haven’t had to put so much effort into

non-work thinking in a LOOONNNNGGG time

The session was great.


Lots of positive feedback from the team who really enjoyed it and want to do it again.

I also had a great time. Topics were varied and fun. Very well run and efficient with scoring and interaction. Technology worked well. Ben

Event 4th Dec 2020 


NatWest Markets

Everyone had a great time. Kylie

Event 4th Dec 2020 

DUKE-NUS Medical School

Thank you, we really enjoyed the event.

Yong Jie

Thank you! We thoroughly enjoyed it! I personally would have liked to see more local (Singaporean) trivia but it was fun nonetheless. Thanks Branka!  Nicole

Event 16th Dec 2020 

Credit Suisse

One of the winners testimony:

Thanks for organizing/ coordinating this. The music, categories, questions, and overall event was fun! The Quiz Mistress was also very articulate and right amount of energy :) Had a blast today!

We all had fun and time really flies.

Super well organized / fun / creative and entertaining – let the professionals do what they do best …..thanks again Branka  Mark

Big thank you for organizing, that was a very fun and a really well run quiz - I did a LOT of them during CB/Phase 1 and that was a top notch moderator/level of difficulty.

Event 17th Dec 2020 


We had very positive feedback and the energy you had was great.


That's  All For 2020 Folks!

Event 21st Jan 2021


.... and now for 2021

Thank you so much for a fantastic evening. The Feedback has been fantastic. We will definitely pass the word to our marketing team because I think other teams will enjoy this. I say we'd do another one. 


Event 27th Feb 2021


Dover Court International School

Dover Court Association

Thank you for a thoroughly entertaining evening. We had great fun! Still can't believe the teachers won ...

if this was America we would be raising an enquiry 😆 Rita

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