Need to feel motivated, want to engage the grey matter and catch up with frinds worldwide?  Be InQUIZitive can help you.

Recently Be InQUIZitive has embarked on a new journey...going virtual.

The weekly Virtual quizzes have been a SELLOUT! It has been a great way to catch up with family, past & present friends, from ALL around the world. UK, Netherlands, Portugal, Austria, Germany, France, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, USA just to name a few.

I cannot thank you enough! Our old Singapore quiz team is now spread around the world (Singapore, Australia, Canada, USA). My husband Greg and I are in Dubai, UAE. It has been such a treat to enjoy quiz time together again! XO
Caroline S

We joined the virtual quiz Saturday 18 April and it was brilliant! The way Branka and Oli managed us and helped during the quiz was great. The questions and categories were great fun. Can’t wait for the next online edition!


In-person and virtually Branka is the best quiz host around. It's always fun and with enough variety and challenge for everyone to be involved.


Thanks Branka for organising again, and for giving more than one shout out to my parents! Big love Joe

Thank you very much!! We had a great time. Can’t wait for the next one!

Christoph W

Check Facebook for current dates and times.

Themed Virtual Quiz



The brightest lining in the dark cloud of this pandemic is the fact I’ve been able to play this quiz again, all the way from the US. I’ve played a lot of quizzes, this one is by far the best and the most fun. Damn you Branka and Oli for ruining all other pub quizzes for me - and thank you for keeping it going!!

Andre C

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