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We will build a a crowd of trivia regulars for you and keep them coming back every week.

Are you looking to fill your venue on a quiet night?

Are you keen to increase food and bar takings?

Are you keen to attract a fun, good natured crowd to your venue?

Would like to see new customers and build a regular clientèle of players? 

If you answered yes to even just one of these questions you need to try

Be InQUIZitive Triva.

Our Be InQUIZitive players are loyal patrons. We will use your big screen to deliver a fantastic format. Boost the atmosphere on a quiet night with the excitement of

Be InQUIZitive. Our big screen trivia is inclusive, easy to play and our players will generally arrive not alone but with a team. All of whom will partake in a couple of drink and a meal. 

Be InQUIZitive will build a strong rapport with players, drawing them back into your venue week after week.

Quiz time anytime
Family Quiz Time

Be InQUIZitive trivia nights are audio visual extravaganzas delivered via your venues screens. Gather your team together and get down to your favourite

Be InQUIZitive venue. Our trivia host will make this a night to remember. Enjoy a meal and a drink and take on our exciting and dynamic quiz.

We don’t bore you with stale, uninspiring questions. We offer plenty of variety with entertainment, unjumble answers, clever connections, audio, video and many many more. Make sure to bring a team who can take on a whole range of exciting trivia questions.

Winners at Trivia

Ideally, your space seats at least 40 people comfortably, in groups of up to  six/eight people.  A PA system, microphone, audio

line-in for our host, HDMI, and somebody who knows how to work it. 

We’ll provide everything else: Answer sheets, pens, scoreboard and of course fantastic , well researched questions.


If you have the right staff member and just need us to support you with the questions, answers and point of sale then we have a great offer for you!

Just email us for further information.

Trivia winners at Plonk

Each round offers you the chance to answer questions and score points. However, there are a couple of other ways to maximise your teams score. Besides using your Joker wisely, the OI! round gives players the opportunity to

'SPIN THE WHEEL' potentially to win bonus points, beer or immunity in our WIPEOUT round.

This could be your chance to take out top scores! 

Some venues include a quarterly League to encourage repeat visits from teams and team members. 

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